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Hi there! Take the time to read this, please. You’ll get way more out of your video, coaching program and booked event. It's important that we’re on the same page when working together as Coach (me, The Burnout Professor, Erica Cuni) and Client (you). Let’s go!

*Please note: must be 18 years or older

*These terms and conditions may change at any time without any notice.


Your Coach will do everything possible to support you in achieving your own results and desired outcomes, but you are responsible for the cause of any and all change in your life.

Your Coach will work with you to learn the material associated with the class, group workshop, or coaching program, identify solutions and offer suggestions, options, and advice based on their own personal experience, training and the information appropriate.

You accept full responsibility for all decisions and courses of action.

You as Client, by making payment to Coach, agree to enter into this Agreement and acknowledge that any videos, classes, coaching programs or booked events are not financial, medical, clinical or legal advice.

In class, group, or individual settings, it is your responsibility to follow the class/community guidelines that will be laid out at the beginning of each course. If community guidelines are not followed, the Coach reserves the right to remove you from the course and no refund will be afforded.


This is not a therapeutic relationship, there are limited confidentiality guidelines.

Coach will not disclose personal details divulged in discussions however it may be disclosed that there is a coaching relationship.

Client needs to be mindful of what is disclosed in class and group settings due to limited confidentiality afforded when with others besides the Coach.


All calls are scheduled in advance by direct agreement between Client and Coach.

If for any reason you cannot attend a scheduled call you are fully responsible for informing the Coach, otherwise the missed class is deemed as forfeit.


There is no rescheduling with the classes and group course calls.

For individual coaching, there is no rescheduling with no-shows. Please see "no-show" section for more information.


The (3)three month/ (12) twelve sessions coaching package must be completed within (4)four months of the date of the first session. Any remaining or unused sessions after (4)four months from start date will be deemed as forfeit.

For booked events, please see "notice of cancellation" section.​


For classes:

If you wish to cancel the agreement and payment within seventy-two (72) hours of the class you may do so for a full 100% refund of any monies paid less the cost of any products delivered. This refund is only available if services have not yet commenced in any way.

For groups and individual coaching:

If you wish to cancel the agreement and payments within five (5) business days of said date you may do so for a full 100% refund of any monies paid less the cost of any products delivered. This refund is only available if services have not yet commenced in any way. There are no refunds on any sessions or services not used in the group or individual coaching program once the program has started. Please see "scheduling" section for more information.

For Booking Events:

If you wish to cancel an event booking within ten (10) business days of the date indicated you may do so for a 100% refund of any monies paid less the cost of any products and services delivered. This refund is only available if services have not yet commenced in any way.

All notices of cancellation for classes, groups, and individual services, and booking events must be in writing and delivered by mail or email to Cancellation notice will be deemed on the date in which the cancellation is received by Erica Cuni. No refunds, credits, or transfers are available for no-shows.


The Burnout Professor, Erica Cuni's Videos, Classes, Coaching Programs, and Individual Services are created and sold as whole packages and cannot be altered or partially completed in any way.

For booked events, Coach will work with you to customize a talk that will meet your objectives and needs for your particular audience.


Coaching calls are via Zoom and known when the client signs up for a class, group course, or individual coaching.​



Payment is expected to be paid in full prior to service starting. Payments are made through the Website, Calendly, or Stripe based on program and service chosen.


Your desired program will not occur until payment is received. It is up to you how far in advance you want to pay for your program. Please note payment reserves your spot in the course and capacity is based on first come first serve basis.


Coach will not be diagnosing or providing therapy so that means this will not be covered by insurance.

If any installment payment should default, the Client will have seven (7) days to provide an alternate successful payment method. Any scheduled instruction will be postponed until payment is received. If a Client should default on any installment payment, the result may be cancellation from the Program: all discounts and bonuses will be forfeited and full program balance will be due immediately.


The Coach reserves the right to change, modify or cancel any classes and programs as considered necessary.


In addition, she reserves the right to remove any Client that may not be the best fit for a class, group coaching program or individual coaching program..


Any such change will be made in consultation with the Client.


No-shows are:

  1. Any coaching call canceled less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance, or 

  2. If the Client does not show within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled time and unless the client notified Coach that they were running late.

For individual sessions:

Both of your time is important and valuable. If an appointment is canceled with less than twenty-four (24) hours notice, you will still forfeit the session and there is no make-up or refund.

It will not be considered a no-show when an appointment is canceled or rescheduled with more than 24 hours' notice.


If you cancel/reschedule with more than 24 hours notice, Coach will try to accommodate another time that week, if possible. There are no guarantees.

If there is more than one no-show appointment, services are canceled automatically. There are no refunds whatsoever.


Please see "scheduling" for more information.

For classes, group coaching, and booked events:

Please see cancellation policy.


All content materials on this website, any promotional content materials or “freebies,” and any content related to The Burnout Professor/Erica Cuni’s program are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights.


All materials may not be recorded, used, or reproduced without the written permission of The Burnout Professor/Erica Cuni.



There is no rescheduling of missed classes, groups, or materials.


Recordings are not available for group courses to keep the integrity of the group and privacy of all participants.

Potential recordings of a booked event will be made on a case-by-case basis.


You understand that all action taken is performed voluntarily and is your own responsibility.


Clients should seek independent professional advice before beginning any new medical, clinical, legal, or financial action.


Please note that this is not therapy.

Although I am a licensed therapist, I am not your licensed therapist. I am simply sharing my thoughts and ideas based on the limited information that is provided. The information provided is for educational purposes only. This is not a substitute for professional advice. Please seek your own professional advice. 

For group coaching and individual program:

Coach reserves the right to recommend a higher level of treatment whenever deemed clinically appropriate.


Coach may recommend a higher level of care for a variety of reasons, and please note that this is not an exclusive list.


There will be no rash decisions made and will attempt to be a collaborative effort.


Here are some of the following reasons a higher level of care may be recommended:

  1. Substance use, 

  2. Suicidal ideations, or

  3. Addictions

  4. Severe Trauma Responses (i.e. unable to conduct daily hygiene)


Coach also reserves the right to terminate relationship if after a higher level of care is recommended and is refused by Client.


Depending on circumstances, Coach can work in conjunction while a higher level of care is occurring.


Again, there are no guarantees that services will continue after the treatment recommendation.


Please know that Coach will provide resources for Client to find a therapist in their area that can potentially accept your insurance, as well.


For group coaching and individual services:

Outside activities are assigned.

The reason for work outside of the coaching calls is because the work is so much more than the time you spend with Coach.


The work is about creating new habits that help Client achieve the life they are seeking: a life filled with fulfillment and empowerment.


For purchased videos, classes, and participants of booked events:

Coach is available through email and social media posts. Please note that coach will not be able to provide any advice on personal situations whatsoever.

For group and individual coaching:

If a situation arises outside of your time with Coach, please know that Coach is available for brief chats via email. 

For All:

Coach cannot guarantee privacy while using emails, so please keep that in mind when disclosing information. Please allow up to 24 business hours for Erica to respond.


Coach will not respond on the weekends.


Her business workweek is considered Monday through Friday, 8 am-7 pm EST.


Coach may not respond until Monday when a message is sent Friday afternoon.


Coach does not provide crisis services. Please go to your nearest ER, call 911, 988 (mental health hotline) or your medical provider in case of an emergency.



By using this website or by entering into an Instructional Agreement or paying any amount to CUNI Erica M Cuni SOLE MBR, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out above. Initial payment for coaching program acts as signature to a Coaching Agreement and the terms and conditions set out above. 

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