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Revive Your Life!
The Burnout Professor has your antidote to banish burnout and rediscover your spark.

Are you ready to stop the overthinking, overdoing, and overworking? Let's go!

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"Productivity includes the rituals, routines, and activities that allow you to show up and do the 'doing' with sustainability."
Erica Cuni, LMFT, CIMHP
The Burnout Professor's Approach

A revolutionary and impactful experience designed to help you level up your stress management game and start to thrive.

From the way you motivate yourself, think about situations, connect with yourself and others, and take healthy risks, the nervous system is the root of it all.


Erica Cuni, LMFT, CIMHP's practical, integrative roadmap creates long-lasting transformation in your life by teaching you the cornerstones of managing, stress, overwhelm and burnout​​.

Burnout is a physiological, psychological, and systemic issue.

burnout (noun):

Burnout is a state of chronic stress caused by prolonged activation of the “fight or flight” response and little to no stimulation of the “social engagement” system. This imbalance leads to emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion, reduced resilience, and social disconnection.

This is one of the reasons why traditional talk therapy isn’t always the answer. Erica's approach isn’t like the old idea of therapy where we diagnose, analyze the past, talk about stressors endlessly, and prescribe medicine.


Rather, it’s focused on finding a new way of being from this point forward so that you can start to successfully manage life’s curveballs and create the life you want. It’s trauma-informed, nervous system-based, and integrative. You’ll learn how to befriend stress so you can start to think clearly and make sound decisions.

The Roadmap to Ending the Burnout Cycle

Get out of exhaustion and find balance

Stop going through the motions and become intentional

Ditch the over-thinking and take control of your thoughts

Say goodbye to over-giving and hello to boundaries

Evaluate and align your values

Cultivate a purpose driven life outside of work

The Burnout Professor's Roadmap helps you:
  • Develop growth & abundance mindsets

  • Find moments of gratitude & joy
  • Balance your mood

  • Cultivate fulfilling relationships

  • Create consistent energy levels

  • Find personal freedom

  • Sleep deeply & consistently

  • Increase your tolerance for distress & develop more patience

  • Go where it flows rather than force your way there

  • Gain your sanity & feel good overall

  • Create self-confidence

The Burnout Professor
What You Will Learn

Neuroscience of Stress & Nervous System Basics


Sleep Hygiene


Regulation Tools


Creating "Safe Spaces" for your nervous system


Rest & The Various Types


Gut Health for Mental Health


Ways to expand your stress capacity


Recognize the signs of burnout and chronic stress


When to pivot out of your situation or stay put

Change is possible. It is achievable. It takes intention.
And, I'm here to help you do it. 
Erica Cuni Thrive Consciously Roadmap Co
Erica's clients have this to say

Working with Erica has changed my life beyond what I can put into words. She is empowering, caring, and respectful, while at the same time has made me be uncomfortably reflective in order to become my best self.

Although Erica is a traditionally trained therapist, she does not provide 'talk therapy.'  She provides so much more with her cutting edge approach. Working with her has changed my life in ways that I continue to see long after we ended our time together.

I now know the meaning of self-love and gratitude, that no matter what happens to me, it is for my greatest good. I wish I could put into words how blessed I feel to have worked with Erica. She has given me a new perspective on myself and in my life.

My gratitude for Erica cannot be put into words. Human language is simply not adequate enough to express how I feel about the work that she has put into helping me become a better person. I feel like I am sitting with a life-long friend when I meet with Erica. She personifies empathy and caring for her clients.

The Burnout Professor's
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What sets you apart from other Mental Health Professionals?
    Besides understanding where you are because I've been there, too, I have 15+ years of professional experience in the Mental Health Field. I share knowledge from my time as a Professor who taught Human Development, Intergenerational Family Processes, Dysfunctional Family Processes, and Couples Therapy. Plus, my insights from when I was a Clinical Director and Psychotherapist. I've worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Corrections, Juvenile Justice System, the Public School System, and two non-profit Children Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics regulated by the Department of Children and Families. In addition, I bring training and certifications from the holistic side of wellness: Integrative Mental Health Professional, Reiki Master, Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, and Meditation Facilitator. I wasn't always in the mental health field. I have had 10 careers. With having a business undergrad degree, I have several years of experience in sales, recruiting, and middle-management positions. Not to mention, I've worked in the bar/restaurant industry for almost 18 years, from server, cocktail waitress, bartender, trainer, shift supervisor, and DJ.
  • What does it mean to be 'trauma-informed'?
    It takes someone's current situation into context, understanding that their behaviors have served a purpose at one point. Those behaviors that once helped you navigate life are now hindering your ability to be successful. As a result, it's time to find a new way to thrive.
  • What is an 'integrative mental health' approach and how is it different from 'traditional talk therapy?'
    An integrative approach is focused on the mind, body, and spirit connection. It gets to the "root" of the issue, beyond a diagnosis. A diagnosis only tells us the symptoms; it doesn't tell us WHY the symptoms are there. It looks at the entire person, not just the mind when understanding how to help someone optimize their mental wellness. This means it considers the way a person's gut microbiome, nervous system, lifestyle, trauma history, community, relationships, and mindset are currently affecting them. You are not just talking about the stressors, analyzing the past, and having medicine prescribe as your "only" answer. You're making fundamental changes so that you walk away with the knowledge of how to live a life filled with optimal mental wellness. You will feel empowered to know you have control over your life and that you're not destined to have a diagnosis forever. **This approach works great with trauma-informed therapies, functional/naturopathic medicine, and other holistic modalities
  • What type of training did you receive?
    My Education & Certifications​: B.A. in Communications & Business Admin. from CCSU (4 years) M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from CCSU (62-credits, 3 years, 4.0 GPA) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2014 Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP) - 32 CEU's with annual renewal Internal Family Systems (IFS) Level 1 Certificate (1 year, 114 CEUs) Trauma Research Foundation's Traumatic Stress Studies Certificate - includes courses in Neurobiology of Trauma (7 months, 71.5 CEUs) Certified Reiki Level 1 & 2 and Reiki Master (2015, 2016 and 2017) Enhance Your Intuition Certificate (6 months) Additional extensive post-graduate training sessions: (6) Polyvagal Theory from Dr. Stephen Porges & Deb Dana, LCSW (5) Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Peter Levine Understanding the Gut Brain: Stress, Appetite, Digestion, and Mood Neuroscience & Yoga in the treatment for Complex, Developmental and Repeated Trauma Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique Racial Trauma and Identity (A Focused DBT Perspective) with Eboni Webb, PsyD, HSP The Roles Intersectionality & Cultural Humility Play When Working with Diverse Client Populations with Gary Bailey, MSW, ACSW Plus, I've been trained in several evidence-based models of psychotherapy over 10+ years as a practicing psychotherapist. Motivational Interviewing (MI) Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) Forensic Cognitive Behavioral therapy (F-CBT) Risking Connections Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)
  • Is there a difference between the terms 'holistic' and 'integrative?'
    For the purpose here, the terms are interchangeable.​ Both words mean that they take the whole individual (mind, body, spirit) into account and not just focus on one part (i.e., the mind).
The Burnout Professor's Academy

Easy to follow guidance at your own pace.

Erica has been helping people – just like you – transform their lives since 2006. You’ll find educational, practical, step-by-step strategies.

It’s time to enjoy life again.

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The Roadmap

Where to go from here.

In this two-hour, 1x time, deep dive with Erica, she’ll ask questions to understand where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’d like to be. She’ll offer her expert insights on how to best move forward from here.

You’ll walk away with a customized roadmap so you can start living the life you want.


Go from fried to thriving.

This 6 month transformational coaching program includes one roadmap meeting and 5 clarity sessions along with support, encouragement, and accountability from Erica.

There are limited spaces available. Contact Erica today to find out if you're a good fit!

Learn to succeed without the suffering.
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