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"Invaluable. Powerful. Relatable. Actionable."

No industry is left untouched.

There’s a reason why The Burnout Professor is a sought out speaker. Erica Cuni, LMFT, CIMHP, is on a mission to inspire the world with her impactful story and empowering message. A stressed life isn't the norm. You can take control of your life, and she can show you how.

Serious Business Podcast 2021 & Serious Business Conference Keynote 2023

CTAMFT 2021 & Annual Conference 2018

TD Bank Leadership Series 2019 & 2020

CT Air National Guard 2018 & Warrior Within Event 2019

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Hi! I'm Erica,
The Burnout Professor.

My mission is simple. It's to empower your audience with the tools to navigate stress, burnout, overwhelm, and change successfully. Over the last 5 years, I’ve had the honor of impacting 10,000+ people world-wide through keynote speeches, workshops, and virtual talks.

Most recently, I was named one of "The 22 Leaders to Learn From in 2022," inspired the most-listened-to mental health tip on the Leadership Coaching App, “Bunch,” and have been invited to speak with NBC News, Refinery 29, Well + Good, and Aveda Means Business. 

With that being said, I don't consider myself just an expert. I also think of myself as someone who's been there, too, and sharing what she's learned along her journey in the hopes it can empower someone else.

Whether it's a Corporate Wellness Program Initiative, an Executive Director forum, a business conference with thousands of attendees, an airline hanger full of Military Personnel, a Leadership Workshop for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs, or a conference hall filled with Educators, I will inspire, empower, and educate your audience while getting them unstuck and moving forward.


With almost two decades in the Mental Health Field as a Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, and Adjunct Lecturer and Clinical Professor, experience as a fellow burnout survivor along with extensive training in the integrative side of wellness, I can customize talks that best fit your needs and the talking points are practical, research-backed, and neuroscience-based.

If you are looking for a spitfire who's super relatable and can provide life-changing tools and takeaways while capturing an audience's attention, look no further. You found her. 

I would love to speak with you.

The Most Recent Audience is Saying
“The Burnout Professor slayed it this weekend! Loved being in the front row in her breakout session!"

What The Event Planners Are Saying

Briana Hansen, LMFT Headshot

Briana Hansen, LMFT
CTAMFT Education Chair

Erica's ability to get vulnerable and authentic about her own life mixed with her knowledge and education is exactly what this world needs right now. She uses her journey to healing, as a way to engage others in being more present, healthy, and insightful. She truly is a beacon of light to a brighter future.

Robert H Clark National Park Service Testimonial for The Burnout Professor.jpg

Robert H. Clark

Deputy Director for Operations, National Park Service

The last few years of COVID created many stressors for our staff, teams, and operations. We brought Erica on board to lead our managers through a series of monthly sessions to learn the techniques for reducing stress and how to teach our staff to manage and thrive in uncertain times. Erica’s empathetic teaching style contributed to a safe environment and the techniques we learned are invaluable tools for our organization. A fantastic series of sessions. Thank you, Erica!

Dr. Kacey Ingram Jechura Testimonial The Burnout Professor.jpg

Dr. Kacey Ingram Jechura
Associate Director of Faculty Effectiveness, Herzing University

I had the pleasure of working with Erica Cuni as a speaker at our faculty symposium with 700+ attendees, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. I received numerous emails from colleagues and faculty expressing their gratitude for having her as a speaker. Erica's delivery was not only engaging, but also packed with insightful information and practical tips that faculty members could readily apply in their professional and personal lives. Her inspirational approach resonated deeply with everyone in attendance. I wholeheartedly recommend Erica Cuni for any speaking engagement; her presence and insights are truly invaluable.

Erica Cuni Kalli Blackwell Peterman Testimonal.jfif

Kallie Blackwell Peterman
General Manager of Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes

Aveda Arts learned so much from Erica during our time with her! She took the time to understand the needs of our audience and delivered an educational experience that left our team feeling energized and empowered. We look forward to continuing our work with Erica in the future.  

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