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Trauma-informed, nervous system-based education for mental health.

Join Integrative Mental Health Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Trauma Specialist Erica Cuni, LMFT, CIMPH for immersive well-being information that empowers you to live more and stress less.

Named one of the 22 Leaders to Learn From in 2022 by 

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Did you know?

Chronic stress & burnout is not normal. It's a symptom of a deeper rooted issue.

The research shows:

When stress persists enough, it starts to manifest as dysfunction in the mind and body. The most effective way to manage it is through your nervous system.

This means...

With simple tools, you have the power to naturally improve any area of your life, including, your mental health, confidence, and relationships. 

There's a reason why The Burnout Professor keeps getting invited back to speak.

Her talks are filled with humor, expert knowledge, actionable steps, and relatability.


Experience for yourself the inspiration, motivation and hope that Erica instills into her audiences.

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Hi! I'm Erica Cuni, LMFT, CIMHP.  During my almost 20 years of experience in varying roles as a Professor, Clinical Director, Psychotherapist, and fellow client, I've often heard, "You must be in talk therapy for years to truly thrive."


Move over, Freud. It's a new Era. The mind-body relationship is the key to leading a purpose-driven life with sustainability.

I inspired the most-listened-to Mental Health tip on the Bunch Leadership Coaching App and was a featured expert in Refinery29 and NBC News.

My mission is to empower people worldwide with the transformational skills so they can thrive in their life through interactive workshops and keynotes to individuals and companies.

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Ready to stop overdoing, over-thinking, and over-giving?
What People are Saying
Debra Neill-Baker CEO of Neill.jfif

Debra Neill-Baker
CEO, Neill Corporation

Erica was the perfect choice for our 25th annual Serious Business Conference! On behalf of all of us, I want to express our collective gratitude for Erica's hopeful approach to navigating the challenges we are all faced with. Erica's energy and information left attendees with a renewed capacity and self-care tools to deal with the current reality.

Breaha Wallin Founder Integrative Mental Health Summit.jfif

Breaha Wallin
Founder, Journey's Dream & IMH Summit

It was a pleasure having Erica present as a Keynote Speaker at our Integrative Mental Health Summit. Her talk was incredibly informative and inspiring! We enjoyed easy and effective communication with Erica before and after the event as well.

Erica Cuni Testimonial By Kasey Military Program Mgr.jpeg

Kasey Timberlake
Military Program Manager

Erica's energy, presentation style, and story draw you in immediately, but it's her message and spirit that continue to resonate. I have worked with military personnel for over 12 years and have seen a variety of speakers struggle to connect with this demographic. Erica, however, quickly establishes creditability, speaks their "language," and is incredibly relatable.

Christina Hernandez Williams headshot

Christina Hernandez Williams
Educator & Committee Chair 

Erica created a customized keynote speech for our audience of 600+ Educators, Administrators, Town Council Representatives, and Students. She did an outstanding talk that was realistic, optimistic, and engaging. Ms. Cuni is a knowledgeable, powerful speaker that touched our hearts and minds.

Erica is sitting in a meditative position wearing a black shirt and white pants.

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