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Burnout Happens.
Burnout disrupts your mental and physical health, relationships,
and your life.

The Burnout Professor has your antidote. Through her transformative approach, you’ll rewire your nervous system, rediscover your spark, and revive your life!

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The Burnout Professor Aveda Means Busine

Your first step to prevent and overcome burnout

Get The Burnout Professor's free roadmap to a better night’s sleep – you’ll get possible reasons for poor sleep, a journal to help track your sleep patterns, and research-backed tips and tricks.

Meet The Burnout Professor
Erica Cuni, LMFT, CIMHP

With nearly two decades of experience in the mental health field and a trailblazer in well-being, Erica reshapes the narrative around burnout, overwhelm, and stress.

Traditionally trained and licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Erica brings her knowledge from her time as a psychotherapist, Clinical Director, Adjunct Lecturer, Clinical Professor and fellow burnout survivor. Her forward-thinking, trauma-informed approach is backed by extensive training in integrative mental health modalities.


Erica is on a mission to empower people worldwide with the life-changing skills to successfully prevent and overcome burnout. Through interactive workshops and impactful keynotes, Erica offers individuals and companies the tools not just for symptom management, but for sustainable success. 

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Stress Better. Live Better. Feel Better.
The Research Shows

of adults report high stress levels, with nearly a quarter rating between eight and ten on stress scale


reported a mental illness in 2023 compared with 31% in 2019 among Ages 35-44


337 million

Antidepressant Prescriptions written in 2021 breaking the record

“Through the lens of the polyvagal theory, almost every diagnosis in the DSM is a dysregulated nervous system.”
Deb Dana, LCSW

The Burnout Professor

Here's How Erica Can Help
Keynote Speeches & Workshops
Burnout happens in every industry.

There’s a reason why Erica Cuni, LMFT, CIMHP is a sought-after speaker. Her talks are filled with humor, expert knowledge, actionable steps, and relatability.


Experience for yourself the inspiration, motivation and hope that Erica instills into her audiences.

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The Burnout Professor's Academy
The Burnout Professor's Academy

Easy to follow guidance at your own pace.

Erica has been helping people – just like you – transform their lives since 2006. You’ll find educational, practical, step-by-step strategies.

It’s time to enjoy life again.

1:1 Coaching Options

Let's get you unstuck and moving forward.

Whether it's a one-time meeting or a 6 month transformational coaching program with Erica, you will get education, support, guidance, and accountability that you need to help you rediscover your spark and revive your life.

Are you ready to stop the over-thinking, over-giving, and over-doing? Let's go!

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#UndeniableTruth Therapy

Heal the root cause of your burnout.

Sometimes, you may need more than a safe space for unconditional support, new skills, education, accountability, and gaining a new perspective.


You may need help with emotional processing from something that was traumatic to your nervous system. It's time to break the burnout cycle once and for all.


**Therapy option is for North Carolina and Connecticut Residents only.

What event planners are saying
Debra Neill-Baker CEO of Neill.jfif

Debra Neill-Baker
CEO, Neill Corporation

Erica was the perfect choice for our 25th annual Serious Business Conference! On behalf of all 2000+ of us, I want to express our collective gratitude for Erica's hopeful approach to navigating the challenges we are all faced with. Erica's energy and information left attendees with a renewed capacity and self-care tools to deal with the current reality.

The Burnout Professor Michael Yost President of Strategies, LLC Testimonial.png

Michael Yost

President, Strategies LLC

We opened with a fantastic keynote from Erica Cuni with our 400+ attendees. I cannot recommend her enough. What she talks about applies to all of us. Doesn’t matter what your job is, what your role is - the idea of how stress impacts us, our health, mental health, physical health - she touches upon all of it. And, the message rings true. If you’re looking to work with someone who is genuine: she’s authentic, and she comes across that way on stage. Check her out and have her be a part of your event. You will not regret it.

Erica Cuni Testimonial By Kasey Military Program Mgr.jpeg

Kasey Timberlake
Military Program Manager

Erica's energy, presentation style, and story draw you in immediately, but it's her message and spirit that continue to resonate. I have worked with military personnel for over 12 years and have seen a variety of speakers struggle to connect with this demographic. Erica, however, quickly establishes creditability, speaks their "language," and is incredibly relatable.

Corina Santoro Milday Cengage Testimonial for The Burnout Professor.jpg

Corina Santoro
VP, Milady/Cengage

Erica Cuni, The Burnout Professor, was fabulous. She delivered a 3-hour class to our 200+ attendees, sponsored by our company, that was packed full of practical ways that educators can regain control over their emotions, anxieties and nervous system. Erica was able to connect with, listen and respond to the needs of the audience, tailoring her message in real time to address their specific concerns. Everyone needs this.

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